Stemming from a single-family office, our young enthusiastic professionals understand your every need.


Strategic planning

A graduate from the Faculty of Economics at Geneva University and a key founding contributor for the implementation of the Swiss based family office, Alexander has a vast array of practical experience in conducting business in and from Switzerland. Under his guidance the company is growing and acquiring the necessary expertise for the benefit of our clients.



International finance and taxes, aircraft and yacht management

For many years, Julia performed financial control in a company known as a global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes for the oil and gas industry all over the world. Since 2007, when she moved to Switzerland, her day-to-day activities include international fiscal matters, financial reporting, banks’ compliance and KYC procedures for family office clients as well as yachts’ administration.


Art advice and art collection management

Passionate art lover with a legal background is managing a private family art collection for many years. Anna is involved in different intercultural art projects in Switzerland, Russia, France. She organizes exhibitions and art tours in addition to providing advisory art services.


General services

Benoît’s initial work experience was completed at a Swiss banking institution. After 10 years, he decided to move to the NGO sector where he continued to work as a general service manager. Benoît’s breadth of expertise, experience and interpersonal skills makes him well suited to help our clients interested in studying or relocating to Switzerland with practical, results oriented assistance.


Home administration, family care

With a literature and linguistics background, Arnaud has a decade of experience in tourism industry and VIP care. Since 2014, he is engaged within family offices looking after home care, construction coordination, staff recruitment, legal matters, computing, translations and many domains, acting in short to very short deadlines required by demanding clients.


Concierge services

Nataliya’s immersed studies of History of Art at the Lomonosov Moscow State University together with years of work in Russian and Swiss companies as an administrative and personal assistant makes her contribution essential. Following her sense of hospitality and Sinara’s corporate culture, Nataliya devotes her advertency to clients’ needs, making sure they feel welcomed and valued.


Finance, taxation, accounting and reporting, aviation management

Peter is a Swiss/Canadian Chartered Accountant-CPA and McGill and Concordia University graduate. He brings expertise in corporate finance, Swiss and international taxation (corporations and individuals), accounting and audit. After numerous CFO positions, he can resolve operating and financial issues facing owner or manager companies.

Peter is also a university professor.


Client relationship, legal services

Lawyer in the third generation, Natalia has graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. She also holds a Master in Law from the University of Geneva. She has worked in both Russia and Switzerland – which has contributed to her understanding of versatile client needs, and she experienced the implementation of compliant solutions in Switzerland for multicultural clients’ high expectations.