Why Sinara

We administer your daily life so that you can enjoy it more. From small routine tasks to once in a lifetime projects, we help you save time for things you love the most. Grown out of a single family office, we understand your needs.

Our Services

Home Administration

From finding your home and refurbishing it to recruiting and employing personnel and service providers, we make sure that you enjoy your home with no hustle.

Private Assets Management

Administering a small business, a yacht, an aircraft or an art collection can be a heavy task. Our team members have relevant accounting, legal, tax and insurance experience to help you achieve your goals.

Private Life Administration

Find relief from everyday paperwork and administration. We can take care of your monthly invoices and administrative correspondence as well as assist you with tax declarations and residence permits.

Family Care

Your family is most important to you. We will find the right staff to take care of your children or elders, connect you to the best medical centers and provide all the advice you may need for your children’s schooling.


We offer a concierge service to organize your special activities and leisure: from sport club memberships to private yacht charters, event planning and travel bookings.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us for crafted on demand services. We will be happy to assist.



Every member of the team has more than 10 years experience working in a family office. With our experience, we are prepared for new challenges.